Provide a pure .NET 4 signed release


Because the source does not contain the key to sign the library, we are unable to build a pure .NET 4 signed release.
It's a critical requirement when we have existing signed .NET 2 code based on the current release and we want to migrate to .NET 4.
Basically we can use the .NET 2 version, but our assembly will be flagged using both .NET 2 mscorlib & .NET 4 mscorlib.
1) If we use the current release, our signed assembly will be flagged referencing both .NET 2 & .NET 4 (visible using reflector)
2) If we compile the DLL by ourself, we have to drop the strong name (and are unable to sign further assemblies) or sign the assembly by ourself (and so breaking all references)


styx31 wrote Dec 2, 2010 at 1:35 PM

Similar as WP7 support in #10607