Desktop and Silverlight assembly names the same?

Sep 2, 2010 at 7:51 PM

Is there a reason the Silverlight version of the Service Locator assembly wasn't named or versioned differently than the one for the regular .NET framework?

I am having build issues with my automated builds because I am specifying additional reference paths on the command line for MSBuild.  Included in these paths are both a path to the regular service locator DLL for use with my Enterprise Library code in my services DAL, and the path to the Silverlight version of the DLL for use in my PRISM code in my Silverlight apps.  The problem is that when MSBuild is searching for the DLL to use when building, it finds the regular .NET version first, and uses that to build my Silverlight projects.  They build fine, but won't run because the DLL does not target Silverlight. 

Any suggestions for solving this problem?  Would it be easy for you to just rename the DLL for the Silverlight version?