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The Common Service Locator library contains a shared interface for service location which application and framework developers can reference. The library provides an abstraction over IoC containers and service locators. Using the library allows an application to indirectly access the capabilities without relying on hard references. The hope is that using this library, third-party applications and frameworks can begin to leverage IoC/Service Location without tying themselves down to a specific implementation.

The project contains a full test suite which validates a particular implementation of the locator meets the functional requirements. Additionally, several adapters for working with popular IoC containers will be included within the project at a future date.

Where to go next?

Item Link
What is the rationale for this project Project Rationale
How do I consume the interface? Consuming the Interface
How do I implement the interface? Implementing the Interface
See the API reference API Reference

Service locator adapter implementations

Castle Windsor Adapter
Spring .NET Adapter
Unity Adapter
StructureMap Adapter
Autofac Adapter
MEF Adapter now on .NET Framework 4.0
LinFu Adapter
Multi-target CSL binaries

Collaborators in alphabetical order

Special thanks for the following individuals who together brought this library to fruition. Chris Tavares is the author of the library code itself. Oren Eini authored the unit tests.

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